Top Tips For Choosing a Wardrobe

When designing your new bedroom, details are key to achieving your dream look. The colour of door or design of your wardrobe can have a huge effect on the overall feel of the room. Whether it is a contemporary design or a traditional look you are going for, we at Holmfields know that it can still be difficult making a final decision. There are a few things which you should take into account to be sure that your decision is the right one.

Who Is It For?

This is the first and most important question to think about as this can narrow down your search significantly. If you are shopping for your child’s bedroom furniture then a wardrobe with double hanging rails would be the best option, so they can utilise the bottom rail and have the use of the top rail when they grow. Shelves inside the wardrobe are a good idea as they can be used for toy boxes and then later on used for clothes. If it is for a couple, a fitted wardrobe with multiple compartments will be ideal and enable you to separate your belongings and arrange them how you both wish. Ladies usually require a wardrobe with a full hanging in order to hang dresses and long coats whereas men usually prefer double hanging for shirts and trousers. Pull down garment lifts are useful if you are short in height or disabled.

What Is The Style Of Room?

The nice thing about planning bedroom furniture is you can decide what style you would like the room. You may want a modern or contemporary style and many of the looks have been inspired by hotel rooms on the continent. If you are short of space sliding wardrobe doors are ideal although many people like them because they add such a modern look to the room. People are becoming more daring in their choices for their style of room and the wardrobes become a starting point whereby they add feature walls in bright coloured wall paper or paint and choose accessories to bring out the colour. Maybe the addition of soft lighting or a glamorous chandelier. People feel they can be more daring and express themselves in their choice of style, as their bedroom is their own space and they like to make it into their own haven. There are many ranges of wardrobe doors such as sliding wardrobe doors, vinyl doors, solid wood and our own Expressions range. Curved doors are now available in our Expression range which add a wonderfully different look to the room. If you are lucky enough to have a large enough room or a spare room in the house you can add a dressing room.

What Will its Primary Use Be?

Obviously the main purpose will be to hang clothes but you should also think about any other requirements. Do you have lots of shoes and require special shoe shelves? Do you have lots of bangles and want a jewellery tray where you can hang them? Would you like your dressing table to have a jewellery drawer? Do you have a television you wish to hide away when you are not watching it? Does your child need a place they can sit and do their homework? Does your child have a TV and Xbox and need a special unit to hide the wires? Do you want some compartments in drawers to separate small items? Really think about what you want as it does help the designer to understand your requirements and plan your ideal bedroom.

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