How to Create your Dream Bedroom with Holmfields

Bedrooms may be the most private room in your home but it’s still important to make the appearance of your room an impressive one. Bedrooms are also a safe haven so you should look forward to relaxing in your bedroom after a long day. Read on to explore some of the aspects of a well designed and comfortable bedroom.


Headboards are a great way to personalise your bedroom without much effort as a striking headboard can pull the whole room together. It’s also a budget friendly way to refresh or update a bedroom to give it a sophisticated look. There’s many different varieties of headboards on the market so you can go from a classic room to a retro one with just a single change. Headboards are incredibly versatile as they can be easily adjusted and fitted anywhere. 


Wardrobes are a must in a bedroom whether that be traditional fitted wardrobes or sliding wardrobes. Both options provide a modern storage system which is flexible and can be fitted in awkward spaces. If you have a sloped ceiling in your bedroom, fitted wardrobes are the best way to make the most of that space as they can be built to fit the space perfectly. Fitted wardrobes, especially sliding fitted wardrobes, are a great method to save space because they quickly fit into one corner of the room. This is especially true if you have a small room with limited space between the wardrobe and the bed.

Additional Storage

If wardrobes are not enough storage for your belongings, a great way to add additional storage is storage boxes at the end of the bed. They are practical and they look great in the room! These boxes can be used for blankets, bedding, cushions and pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in your wardrobe. 


Mirrors can make a big impact in a bedroom, not only are they great at making the room seem bigger but they can brighten the overall appearance by reflecting light. If you pick the right mirror it opens up your space and changes the aesthetic for the room. You can choose from dressing table mirrors to full length mirrors each would add its own personality to the room. 


We hope these tips help you create the bedroom you’ve always wanted. At Holmfields we provide quality bedroom furniture and fitted wardrobes that are built and fitted by our team of professionals. If you would like more information on our services give us a call on 0116 255 6669 or fill out a quick enquiry form