Make Your Space Your Own – Bedrooms Made To Order

There is not a soul on this earth who does not dream of a good night’s sleep in a soft, plush and comfortable bed; a bedroom that speaks of their personality and taste. A bedroom is perhaps the most personal room of a house and it goes without saying that good bedroom furniture, warm lighting and storage space can add to the beauty of the room.

A well-built wardrobe, a chest of drawers that fit into a tight corner and allows for your belongings to be stored, and bedside storage, can all make a room a lot more cosy and spacious, without too much clutter.

Fitted Bedrooms

This is precisely why fitted bedrooms are gaining immense popularity with many people opting for them. While you could buy pre-made furniture for your room, having bespoke fitted furniture made will be more convenient in the long run. Fitted bedroom furniture can be the answer to those who want to make the best use of the space available in their house.

The fitted bedrooms here at Holmfields offer our customers a wide range of designs and finishes to match their tastes and preferences. The many ranges include contemporary, traditional, solid wood, painted and even sliding wardrobe doors. Whether you are looking for a fashionable, modern look or something a bit more traditional, we have got a range of fitted furniture to suit. There is a range of handles, mirrors and stools that complement and enhance the look.

Tailored To You

Here at Holmfields, we like to consider our client’s needs, taking into consideration the many different requirements of individuals for their bedroom or home office. Some require lots of long hanging space for dresses whilst others prefer double hanging for shirts or blouses and trousers. For some, the addition of shelves in a wardrobe becomes a handy place to store jumpers and sweatshirts. We can also fit bedroom or office furniture in converted loft spaces. Our bedroom furniture is made to measure, so if there is a slope in the room or an alcove we can make furniture that is tailor-made for the room.

These well-designed pieces of furniture are manufactured individually, to the measurements of the room so they fit perfectly. Fitted furniture will not only make the best of storage capacity but will add to the visual appeal of the bedroom. If a makeover for a bedroom or office is on the cards; fitted made to measure furniture is highly recommended.