How To Choose The Right Fitted Wardrobe

Finding the proper wardrobe for your room can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or your room is oddly shaped. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of all the reasons why fitted wardrobes may be the ideal solution for you…

Fill awkward spaces

Do you have an odd shaped space in your bedroom? Fitted wardrobes are ideal for this area. Low ceilings and sloping roofs aren’t an issue with fitted furniture, which makes it great for your space. As fitted wardrobes are constructed to the room’s specifications, with every inch of space being utilised.

Storage needs

Before choosing the design of your fitted wardrobe, think about how much storage you’ll need. Assess your belongings to see if there are any features you’d like for your shoes or jewellery. Whether you prefer a basic style or specific features, fitted wardrobes can be totally tailored to your needs.

Interior styling

Finding the right design for your room can help to pull your entire space together, making it more neat and organised. Take a look at your existing decor. Wardrobes are a key feature in bedrooms so consider the exterior of the wardrobe to match the rest of your room so everything is coherent. 

Colours and Finishing

Going in hand with interior styling is the colour and finish of your wardrobe. If you prefer a modern style, a glossy mirrored finish would fit perfectly with your room. If your room has a traditional style, a wood with matt colours will compliment your room. 

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