Creating Your Perfect Home Office

There are many ways to design and decorate the perfect home office, from the colour schemes to lighting. Whether you’ve created a mood board and just want to check if you’ve covered everything or you have no clue where to begin, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips to create the perfect home office which is functional but still fits the aesthetic feel of your home.

Natural & Artificial Lights

man at desk near window

Utilising natural light for your home office has multiple benefits other than just saving money on your electric bill, it will boost your mood and keep you focused. When choosing a room for your home office, try using the room with the most natural light throughout the day. Consider moving your desk next to or near a window, this will allow you to make the most of the available natural lighting.


plants on shelf

Green plants are great options to incorporate when decorating and designing your office. They add an accent of colour, freshness and also provide a nice, welcome distraction after staring at your screen for hours on end. If you struggle to keep plants alive or don’t want to venture into your home office on the weekend, consider plants that don’t need water daily, like a cactus.

Colour Schemespaintbrush on wall


Before you even think about furniture, the colour scheme of a room is imperative to create a space where you feel inspired and motivated. Neutral colours like ivory, grey, white and tan are well known for creating comfortable environments that combine the feeling of vitality and energy. Greens are also popular choices as they invoke concentration and portray comforting surroundings. Whichever colours you do decide on, remember to stay away from distracting colours.


all white cabinets

There are many different elements to the furniture you choose to integrate into your home office, from the workspace to the shelves and storage, to how it conceals wires and cords. Our first key tip would be, keep the space as minimalist as possible. Use fitted storage spaces and shelving to reduce the clutter, creating an organised and clean work area. Lockable drawers are useful to store any confidential and important documents. Concealed storage options are great options for store any other items you may need to keep at hand to help you through your working day.

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