What To Consider When Designing Your Fitted Wardrobes

Choosing to install bespoke fitted wardrobes means you can design every element to suit your needs and fit the aesthetic of your bedroom and the overall style of your home. However, this can sometimes be daunting as you can decide on every detail, from the style of doors to the colour of the railings. Although our designers will go through the process in more detail, we’ve put together a few key things and questions you should consider when designing the perfect wardrobe for you.

Number Of People

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Naturally, the more people using the wardrobe, the more space you’re likely to require. If it is for a child’s bedroom, you should take into consideration that as the child grows, they will need more wardrobe space. Whereas in a spare/guest room, a smaller single wardrobe might be more suitable. Unlike a master bedroom, where you’re probably going to want more storage space along with more versatile and tailored options for additional items, such as shoes and accessories.

Style Meets Functionality 

Wardrobe interior, light grey


The most functional aspect of any wardrobe is the interior. At this point, we’d suggest looking at your clothing to work out what items you plan to keep inside your wardrobe. Double rails are great for t-shirts and shirts along with a trouser rail that provides a dedicated space? Fitted wardrobes are a great way to reduce the number of furniture in your bedroom as you can have everything tucked away behind doors.


Type Of Doors

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Although they might not seem important, selecting your doors is essential as they are the most visible aspect of any wardrobe. Beyond the choice of hinged, sliding and folding doors, there are other elements to consider implementing, such as mirrors, as they provide extra light and can open up any bedroom. A popular bedroom trend is to have your doors in the same colour as the walls or to match it in some manner. 

Creative Storage Solutions 

Custom Built In WardrobesAlthough the name suggests wardrobes are most commonly seen in a bedroom, you can create a fitted wardrobe for anything in almost any room in your home. Fitted linen cupboards are a great way to utilise space and ensure the storage options are suited to you. 

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