Kitchen Cabinet Trends You Should Look Out For 2020

Kitchen cabinets may not seem like the most important element of your kitchen but with trends constantly changing, they’re a great way to update your kitchen to make it more on-trend. From the return of glass to more brighter colours being used, there are few key trends that are definitely going to be more prominent in 2020. Read our article to find out more.

Sustainable Materialswooden cabinets

There is currently a big social push to invest and utilise more sustainable materials throughout our lives and kitchens are no different. With such a demand, there are numerous different ways to achieve your eco-friendly kitchen cabinets. Many people have chosen to repurpose materials themselves, which otherwise would’ve been thrown out. Alternatively, many major retailers and designers now actively aim to produce cabinets which are more sustainable.

Open Plan Storage

open plan storage in kitchen

Although this is something we saw becoming more popular throughout 2019, many predict open storage is going to be just as on-trend in 2020. Whether it’s a metal or wooden frame, open storage can be a striking piece to your kitchen. The advantage with a metal frame is it can also be suspended from the ceiling keeping it out of sight until you need it.

Splash of Colourred kitchen cabinets

From the bright yellows and greens to more muted tones of grey and black, we’ve seen a range of coloured cabinets being brought into all kitchen styles. Many are choosing to use contrasting tones to the rest of their kitchens, creating the perfect pop of colour.

Copper Handles

copper elements in kitchen

In our 2018 kitchen trends article, we said copper was going to be a big trend throughout kitchen designs and it seems copper is going to continue being a big accent trend in 2020. Whether it’s for taps, basins or cabinet handles, copper is a great choice. It will be a great compliment to any kitchen colour palette.

Glass Panels

glass cabinets in kitchen
Although glass was a big trend back in the 90’s, it seems to be making a come back in 2020, as it boasts a very clean and minimalist view of the essentials put away tidily in your cabinets.

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